I Just Got Engaged—32 Gorgeous Finds on My Bridal Wish List

I just got engaged! While I am thrilled to be in love and entering such a special time in my life, I have no shame in admitting I'm also just as excited for an excuse to finally participate in the world of bridal fashion. Like any true fashion editor, I've saved hundreds of photos to inspire my ultimate wedding vision, from the venue to the ceremony dress, but today's shopping goal was to find everything but that.

I went on a deep dive to locate the most gorgeous bridal finds, from shoes to bags to feather boas. These are the pieces that a bride might not necessarily need but would be the dream to have, including second-look options, rehearsal dresses, and investment bridal accessories you can wear for a lifetime (e.g. the Prada bag I've been dreaming about). Please enjoy my current list of bridal pieces I am hyperfixating on. 

This dress is so unique. It would be so cute for a second look. 

This season's It shoes turned bridal. 

I would love to pair this with a white tank top while on my bachelorette. 

I am honestly surprised I haven't seen more brides wearing this. 

Investing in a Tae Park top has never felt more appropriate. 

Leave it to The Row to make the most unexpected bridal accessory. 

I've been dying to get my hands on a Liberowe jacket, and I think my wedding year is the perfect time. 

Adding hints of black into a bridal look feels so fresh. 

Is it even a wedding wardrobe without Vivienne Westwood pearls? 

You can never go wrong with Jimmy Choo for your wedding shoes. 

Just wait until you see the skirt. 

Chanel Velvet & Patent Calfskin Mary Janes ($1325)

The only shoes that matter to me right now.

This is currently sold out, but you can bet I am on the waiting list.