Calling All Fashion Brides: These Are the *It* Bridesmaid Dress Trends to Know

When Who What Wear spoke with bridal stylist Anny Choi, the message was clear that bridesmaid dressing isn't as cookie-cutter as it once was. Gone are the days of coordinated dresses that were the running joke of wedding-related films like My Best Friend’s Wedding or 27 Dresses. (We'll never let the montage of Katherine Heigl trying out every ridiculous themed dress disappear from our memory.) For the modern bride, perfectly coordinating the bridesmaid outfits isn't a priority. Instead, letting them have a sense of individuality is. "Most brides I work with these days care less about making sure their bridal party is in perfectly matching outfits but rather want the guidance of finding something that they love, want to wear again, and is within their budgets," shares Choi.

While matching dresses were once the preferred choice to ensure "aesthetic photos," picking out unique options and letting each bridesmaid's personality shine through is now the way to go for a more fashion-forward wedding. But don't fret; the nontraditional route can still ensure cohesive photos. When styling her clients, Choi always keeps in mind the bride's final look and overall feel of the wedding. "If the bride is opting for more of a minimal look, their bridal party most likely won't end up in a maximalist ruffle outfit. That being said, I always like to keep in mind the overall look of the wedding itself, the venue, as well as the season when styling the bridal party."

If you're in the planning process and not sure where to start, we've put together a short list of trends Choi suggests. Ahead, get a closer look at the bridesmaid trends to know in 2024.


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For the bride who has a colorful dress or is looking to steer away from the traditional route, our editorial director, Lauren Eggertsen, and bridal expert Anny Choi suggest black or white dresses. "Putting their bridal party in simpler white silhouettes is a trend a lot of people are loving. Just make sure that the bride's dress is a bigger silhouette and a statement while the bridal party is in simpler silhouettes to ensure the bride still stands out," advises Choi.



While bridesmaid dresses are the wedding "standard," Choi also suggests throwing in suiting or jumpsuits. "The bridal party doesn't all need to be in dresses. Let everyone's personalities shine through in unique silhouettes."

When we asked our editorial director, Lauren Eggertsen, who is currently in the wedding-planning process, she mentioned vintage dresses for the bridesmaids were a stylish choice she's seen brides make.  

Many brides love to incorporate an outfit change, so if possible, an outfit change for the bridesmaids could be fun, too! "If there is a fun after-party theme and you are planning to do an outfit change, why not offer the same for your bridal party?" shared Choi.


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As for accessories, parasols are a fun addition for summer nuptials, or if it's within the budget, gifting them with matching earrings and/or shoes can tie all the looks together. A current favorite of Choi is the idea of wearable flowers in place of a traditional bouquet. "You can let each person choose how they want to incorporate flowers into their look, whether it be in their hair or worn like a shawl à la Rodarte!"


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