I'm Tired of Wearing Black to the Gym, so I'm Trying These 5 Pieces Instead



Not to be basic, but new year, new me. Ever since kicking off 2023, I have, like most people, found myself going to more workout classes than usual. Maybe it's the creeping realization that I'm getting older or the wellness TikTok rabbit holes I went down during the holidays, but I'm a born-again fitness convert.

Unlike French women, I make a proud effort in talking with my friends about my gym routine and, mostly, where to find workout clothes that aren't paint-stained leggings and oversize Greek-life T-shirts I collected during my college years. There's always a list of favorites among my fashion-circle friends—Lululemon and Gymshark are classics and repeat buys.

The Venn diagram of "cute workout clothing" and "supportive athletic gear" is getting smaller every month, with brands like ALO, Nike, and FP Movement leading the way for functional and fashionable workout clothing. After scrolling for hours on the clock app, I'm practically a fitness-fashion expert, so shop all of the best colorful workout clothing, including some gym must-haves, below.

Ruched Detailing

Pastel Leggings

Retro Printed Fleeces

Monochrome Exercise Dresses

Crew Socks + Colorful Sneakers

Other Gym Essentials