29 J.Crew Items That Are Giving Cool L.A. Girl

J.Crew sequin mini skirt



When it comes to summer aesthetics, you can't go wrong with the classic "cool L.A. girl" style. She's carefree, casual, and dresses for long days in the sunshine. Yes, these are stereotypes associated with L.A. girls, but sometimes stereotypes do hold true. Whether intentional or not, J.Crew's designers seemed to have captured the L.A. girl vibe in their summer 2023 collection.

Having lived in L.A. for seven years before moving to the South, I feel like I have a good understanding of local fashion. Taking that expertise, I curated a selection of 29 pieces from the J.Crew summer collection, focusing on the SoCal perspective. Whether you reside there or simply want to embrace the L.A. style, feel free to browse and shop the items below. I've got you covered from head to toe.

Don't let summer start without ordering this hat.

A chic black one-piece is the drawer of every chic L.A. girl.

This is something that would fit right in at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Not sure if you've heard but muscle tanks are taking over this summer.

L.A. girls know the power of a classic cat-eye.

Low-rise baggy jeans are the only jeans that matter in L.A. right now.

This says I'd like to be in the South of France but I'm on South Robertson.

A beach day (or farmers market) essential.

I saw a cool L.A. girl wearing this on Instagram just the other day.

Every summer outfit looks cooler with a baseball cap.

If your size is still in stock, congratulations are in order.

I know several L.A. girls that are freaking out over this collab.

Pair this with sneakers for the most "L.A. girl" look.

You're going to see a lot of black linen in L.A. this summer. 

It goes without saying that every L.A. girl needs a pair of beach pants.

Cropped is key when it comes to striped shirts like this.

Denim is of the utmost importance in an L.A. girl's wardrobe.

The reviews for these trendy earrings are glowing.