T-Minus 3 Months Until All the NYC Girls Bust Out This Bag Trend

In New York City, it’s not enough for a bag to be stylish. A bag is a lifeline. It’s what keeps your keys and wallet safe on the subway, it’s what holds your laptop or your kindle on your way to work, or how you make a casual outfit feel dressed up for date night. It’s clear from the fashion week runways, elegant bags are in for 2024, and the women of Manhattan, Queens, and beyond are finding ways to make the most of the trend.

While ladylike elegance comes in many forms, think of the next It bags like you would a pair of kitten heels. Practical, structural, and yet sophisticated. Textures like smooth calfskin and woven rattan are timeless yet modern, while colors can range from quietly luxurious neutrals to rich hues that add an eye-catching element to a simple jeans and tee ensemble. You’ll still find some familiar shapes from past seasons in the 2024 lineup, like a half-moon silhouette or the classic bucket, but subtle details like elongated straps or a structured square body feel like natural progressions of what you’ve seen before. In the streets of SOHO and the Upper East Side alike, you can expect to see stylish women carrying these bags in their hands, tucking them under their shoulders, or throwing them on crossbody. Shop favorite affordable styles that will still look so expensive once you carry them out of the house.

A ladylike bag with a vintage touch.

A tote that looks so elegant.

A woven bag is perfect for summer.

A woven bag is a perfect pick for vacation.

Hold this bag in your hand or for when you're on the move, throw it over your shoulder.

Luar's structured bag is the ultimate It bag.

A bucket bag that's effortlessly elegant.

The contrasting textures make this bag stand out.

A bag that's so elegant for everyday. 

A sleek tote that works for all occasions.

For the horse girl, an equestrian-inspired silhouette.

A small bag for nights on the town.

A mini bag that will make your outfit pop.

Leave it to Jil Sander to make ladylike feel modern.

The puffy look gives this top-handle bag a modern spin.

This bag is already making the rounds in elite circles.