I've Lived in L.A. Most of My Life—These Outfits Are Chic But Chill

No matter if you love or hate L.A. style, if there's one word that could describe it, it would be chill. We like to wear flip flops all year round because we can and a sweatsuit in many offices is considered appropriate workwear. We love to be comfortable, but those that live here who also work in fashion know we like exhibiting a little edge, too. L.A. is home to Hollywood after all, so it's no surprise that we're often chasing looks that simultaneously announce "notice me," but also, "don't notice me," because if we're being honest, most of us envision our street style paparazzi photo while getting dressed; cue us running out the door in dark sunglasses, a baseball cap and the most quietly chic outfit you've ever seen. 

It's a little bit of an art form to get the chic yet chill proportions of an outfit just right, but it can be done. To us Angelenos, an oversized sweater paired with a satin midi skirt, colorful Gazelles and tousled hair as seen on Francesca above is the epitome of relaxed L.A. cool (even if she's not geographically in L.A., it's the sentiment). We like the familiar, but unexpected, like a dress tucked into jeans or a colorful sock paired with an all neutral outfit, as you're apt to see below.

If you'd like to round out your day in the same way as you would with a Nancy Meyers movie (and who wouldn't), keep scrolling. The five outfits that follow are a little comfy, a little aspirational and a whole lot chic. 

aimee song gray pleated skirt red socks cardigan ballet flats outfit



If ballerina-core is wrong, we don't want to be right. This outfit could easily work without the red sock, but the pop of color infuses it with that easy-going feel us L.A. fashion people love. 



A pajama-inspired pant might be a bit on the nose for a story with the words "chic, but chill" in the title, however they're sure to be one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe as they look great both dressed up or down.  

The juxtaposition of a satin skirt with an oversized knit and sneakers is the perfect mix of laid-back, yet put together. 



This outfit feels like something Charlotte from Sex and the City (the original) would wear to meet the girls for their weekly brunch and we're all about it. The high ponytail gives it a sporty feel as well. 



It's always refreshing when multiple items that feel like they shouldn't work together, happily do. The dress tucked into jeans is something we'll definitely be trying ourselves.