I Just Got Back From L.A.—I Found the 8 Coolest Staples People Wore at Nordstrom

I am fresh off an exhilarating trip to Los Angeles and have many fashion observations to share. Lately, when I travel to a new city, I try to skip the tourism and live like the locals, and staying at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood definitely helped with that. Being around the L.A. regulars and actual citizens of the city, I quickly became acquainted with the fact that L.A. women, like Parisians, rely on a succinct collection of wardrobe staples to guide their wardrobes. 

I was captivated by the style of L.A. people, and the fact that it was so effortlessly attainable made it all the more fun. I came home back to New York City excited to experiment in new ways with my wardrobe. It all starts with the basics, and my favorite place to shop for the most classic (and affordable) wardrobe staples is Nordstrom. Below, find the eight coolest staples that L.A. people wore during my latest trip. I, for sure, will be shopping for them.

1. Oversize Shirts



On one of my last days in L.A., I got to experience the Bamford Wellness Spa at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood, and witnessing another guest in the lobby wearing an effortless button-down shirt, I decided that I need a new one for summer. Oversize button-down shirts have become a ubiquitous wardrobe staple in L.A., with locals effortlessly embracing their relaxed yet polished aesthetic. It's an easy way to master the art of balancing comfort and sophistication. 



Leather jackets are an iconic symbol of L.A.'s edgy and rebellious fashion scene. Worn by both men and women, these jackets effortlessly add a dose of cool to any outfit. Whether it's a classic biker style paired with distressed jeans or the vintage-inspired styles that I've been seeing all over my Instagram feed as of late, I noticed that L.A. residents skillfully incorporate leather jackets into their wardrobes in many ways. 

3. Seasonless Boots



Although L.A. is known as the land of eternal sunshine, it was quite cloudy and cold when I was there. Californians called it June gloom, and I called it relatable as a New Yorker who doesn't get to see the sun 365 days a year. Even though the weather felt moderate to me, California natives broke out their boots and sometimes even puffer coats. Yep, even in June. One thing I learned from this observation, though, is that boots really do work for any time of the year. In L.A., they're truly seasonless.

4. '90s Tank Tops

Nineties tank tops have made a major comeback in L.A.'s fashion scene, with locals embracing their nostalgic appeal. When I think L.A., I think rock and roll, so this all makes total sense. Something about the effortless vibe that comes with a minimal tank top says it all.

5. Wide-Leg Jeans



Wide-leg jeans have surpassed every other denim trend nationwide, so it's no surprise that L.A. was on beat. Bye, skinny jeans—wide-leg styles are way more flattering anyway. They are the universally flattering wardrobe staple that I am trying to get everyone to adopt ASAP.

6. Waistcoats



Tailored vests are a go-to layering piece in L.A., providing a sleek and structured element to outfits. They're an easy way to add a touch of refinement to literally any pair of pants. My favorite way to style this staple lately is with tailored maxi skirts even though I didn't see a lot of that during my trip to L.A.



Cargo pants have gained popularity in L.A., as the functional and street style aesthetic reigns supreme. Embracing the utility trend, I saw locals effortlessly style cargo pants with oversize hoodies, graphic tees, and '90s tank tops. The multitude of pockets just makes sense when you're balancing the L.A. lifestyle.

8. Tube Tops

Tube tops have become a summer staple in L.A., perfectly suited for the city's warm climate and vibrant beach culture. While it wasn't very warm during my visit, people still wore them layered with lightweight sweaters and button-down shirts. I officially need to have one in my cart.