I'm a New Mom: These Are the 6 Elevated Basics I Can't Live Without

mom with baby



To put it simply, there's a lot going on immediately after you give birth. First of all, your body's changed and even if you do manage to lose the baby weight, your clothes usually fit differently than before. Then, there's the sleep deprivation which can make it hard to accept said new body changes. And of course, there's the taking care of a tiny human part which leaves little time for self care or at least, in my case, feeling the urge to "dress" beyond the sweats I left on the floor from the day before. 

However, my son is 8 months old now and it no longer feels like the stork just dropped him off - we're in a groove. I'm also firmly back in the land of the living since I've begun working again, which means I've had some time to navigate what pieces work best for me now that I have to think about function and not just form. Oversized styles have largely been at the forefront because comfort and flexibility are key. But, I've also been drawn to more structured basics because, in all honesty, they make this mom feel like the cat's pajamas. 

So, if you're a new mom who can't possibly begin to think about what to wear, I've got your back. The 6 elevated basics we all need at our disposal are just below. 



A fitted cardigan is not only practical in terms of easy access for those of us breastfeeding, but it looks sophisticated, too. Bonus points if you snag one in red, the color of the season.  



A good loafer is my footwear of choice when I'm going for that casual/cool look, which is most days. Plus, they're easy to throw on. I especially like the two-toned versions all the fashion people have been wearing lately.  

The last thing I want to put on my body right now is a skinny jean. I just bought a pair of wide-leg denim and I'll never look back.



For date nights with my husband, I've really been loving a nineties-inspired, structured leather jacket. It makes me feel like myself pre-baby, which is to say, it's worth its weight in gold. 

Simple. Classic. Versatile. An oversized button down always looks chic, whether you're going to the office or rolling around on your baby's play mat. 

A flowy pant in cotton or linen has been my go-to since I became a mom. The billowy silhouette feels fresh and of course, they're insanely comfortable