I'm a Designer, and I'm Telling You These 7 Trends Are About to Pop Off

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Interview with designer, June Ambrose


Courtesy of June Ambrose

For every trend that trickles into a collection, there’s a source of inspiration. Some designers can cite a trip to Paris or a desire to reenvision ’90s sensibilities. But there’s always one underlying influence that hasn’t always gotten the respect it deserves: streetwear. Long before everyone was wearing leggings or wondering what sneaker trends were bound to blow up, a set of trendsetters were championing streetwear. Of course, it should be noted that streetwear’s ascension to the mainstream can be equally traced back to Black stylists, Black designers, and Black artists who, from the ’90s to the aughts, set the stage for athleisure as we know it today. 

Streetwear wouldn’t be what it is today without titans like the late Virgil Abloh—who fused high fashion and sportswear through his tenure as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection and founder of Off-White—and musicians like Lil Kim, who dared to don a tracksuit on the red carpet before every celebrity was spotted in Juicy Couture’s velour set. But the biggest influencers were multi-hyphenates like June Ambrose, who managed to meld music, fashion, and film through over 30 years of work. Ambrose is a legend in and of herself. She’s the costume designer behind iconic movies (like Belly) and music videos (like Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” and Beyoncé’s “Black Is King”). She was named Puma’s creative director in 2020 and has since helped launch the brand’s first-ever women’s basketball collection. 

Basically, she’s one of the driving forces behind what streetwear is today, so naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to interview her. Ahead, you’ll hear from Ambrose about her career, her style, and the trends she’s backing for spring.

Interview with designer June Amberose


Courtesy of June Ambrose

For those who aren’t familiar with your work, what do you do? And how did you break into the fashion industry? 

I’m a creative director at Puma. I’ve been involved in fashion since I was in a performing arts high school. When I would audition for roles and didn’t get them, I’d take on the costume design. I loved expressing a character through their clothes. I did have a brief stint in the research department of a financial institution. But I went into the music industry right after that and began costume designing for music videos. 

Interview with designer June Amberose on her styling career


Courtesy of June Ambrose

You began your career as a costume designer working with some of the world’s biggest musicians and working on films—how do you feel music, streetwear, and fashion intersect? 

They’re married! When I was first getting started, people didn’t see it. Sportswear and streetwear have always been a pillar of American fashion. When houses didn’t want to work with us, that’s when I began costume designing and storytelling. Now, you see it everywhere, from street style to luxury. It’s great.

You were named a creative director for Puma back in 2020. How did that role come about for you? What was it like to pivot from previous work to this role? 

I’ve always been creative directing, so it wasn’t a difficult transition. I also found beauty in the timing, being that I started right as the pandemic did, allowing me to focus and think about specific consumers. Entering the sportswear space was exciting. I got to think about how I look at athleticwear. Positioning sportswear in fashion is a great road to be on. 

Interview with designer June Amberose on her personal style


Courtesy of June Ambrose

How has your identity informed how you approach every aspect of your life, from the projects you choose to work on to your clothing?

I like punctuation. I want to create images that feel like a sentence with a fluid and clear point of view. I like things that are impactful and memorable and have an attitude. I always add some sauce. If food were fashionable, that’s how I think about it.

What’s so wonderful about you (besides having revolutionized the fashion industry) is that you have incredible personal style. What role has fashion played in your life? 

It plays a huge role. It’s all about storytelling. Since I was a young girl, I’ve always been in love with glamour, disrupting the norm, and finding my voice. Fashion is mute without style. Fashion is my way of communicating and has always played a role in attracting people I want to be interacting with, in business and personally.

Interview with designer June Amberose on her wardrobe essentials


Courtesy of June Ambrose

What does your daily work wardrobe look like? Are there any ride-or-die pieces that you swear by?

Sneakers, of course! I love mixing sporty and sophisticated. For example, I recently got some Dries Van Noten trousers, and they go great with my Puma suede sneakers. Or I love to pair a printed Prada skirt with a sneaker. Sporty glam is my go-to look every day, and I’ll finish it off with a statement hat and glasses.

Interview with designer June Amberose on her favorite fashion brands


Courtesy of June Ambrose

Can you share what fashion brands you love at the moment?

Not to sound like a broken record, but I love Dries Van Noten.

They always have really great colors, patterns, and play!

I love the simplicity of Jacquemus’s pieces—they always have that perfect combo of sporty and glam. Its pieces are monochromatic, so you can interpret them in different ways and get creative with them. 

Monse is also another favorite. Laura Kim’s ability to disrupt staples and reimagine them is so special. 

It's always fun to play with Gucci! 

Now that spring is here, which trends do you think are worth investing in?

1. Sportswear

June Ambrose's favorite spring 2022 trends, sportswear


Courtesy of Victoria Beckham; Courtesy of Loewe; Courtesy of Lacoste

I’m all for sportswear for spring. Think Victoria Beckham inspired or Loewe’s S/S 22 collection. Pairing a great blazer with leggings and sneakers is always a hit.

June Ambrose's favorite spring 2022 trends, colorful blazer


Courtesy of Elleme; Courtesy of L'Agence; Courtesy of Ganni

No other trend lends itself to being as essential as colorful blazers. They’ll not only add that interesting POV I’m constantly personally vying for, but they also lend themselves to being the perfect transitional piece.

3. Relaxed Trousers

June Ambrose's favorite spring 2022 trends, relaxed trousers


Courtesy of Peter Do; Courtesy of Proenza Schouler; Courtesy of Nili Lotan

I love wide-leg, lightweight-fabric, relaxed trousers, so this trend is a must-shop for spring. I just got some new ones from Dries Van Noten, and they’re great, as they can be dressed up or down.

4. Oversize Shirts

June Ambrose's favorite spring 2022 trends, oversized shirts


Courtesy of Miu Miu; Courtesy of Bevza; Courtesy of Jonathan Simkhai 

An oversize pinstripe or button-down shirt is a must-have. I’ve seen a resurgence of oversize shirts lately on the runway and the streets, and I have to say it’s the perfect trend for spring.

June Ambrose's favorite spring 2022 trends, track sneaker


Courtesy of Chloé; Courtesy of Miu Miu; Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

As the creative director of Puma, you’re well aware of what’s happening in the sneaker scene. Can you share which sneaker trends you’re predicting will be significant this spring?

1. Graphic and Colorful Sneakers

Like spring/summer 2022 collections, sneakers for spring are all about doing the most. Embracing bold graphic prints or brightly saturated shoes is ideal as the world slowly begins to reopen and we return to the streets. What better way to stand out than in a pair of statement sneakers?

2. Platform Sneakers

Every fashion girl has been overhyped about the platform-heel trend, so it only makes sense that platform sneakers would be poppin’ off. They’ll give you the thrill of being high up without the blisters.

3. Track Sneakers

Finally, but certainly not the last shoe trend bound to take off this year, I’m predicting that track sneakers will have a moment. With so many collections leaning into athleisurewear, it only makes sense that these shoes would give us a run for their money.