What Not to Buy: A List of the Top Trends to Avoid and Love in 2024

New year, new you. It's time to take stock of your closet and decide what new you're ready to embrace and the old worth leaving behind. While the latest spring/summer fashion week back in September gave us a glimpse of what the biggest trends of 2024 would be, it's important to evaluate them through a lens not just of what is popular but also of what is actually worth making room for in your closet. 

Embracing a new trend requires spending your hard-earned money, so it's best to avoid anything too fleeting. Cherry-pick trends based on what’s best suited to your personal style, and before you make a purchase, think about the cost per wear. The more you're inclined to put a piece on in the morning, the better the value. (Is this girl math?)

While we’ll always support leaning into a micro-trend if it’s something you can envision wearing all the time, we’d also be remiss if we didn’t call out a few of the small tweaks that you could make to ensure your purchase isn’t one that ends up sitting in the back of a drawer or gathering dust in the corners of your closet. Ahead, you’ll find five swaps that will help steer your 2024 purchases into timeless territory.

Avoid: Overly Baggy Jeans
Love: Relaxed Yet Timeless Jeans

You should never feel like your clothes are wearing you. If you're swimming in a pair of JNCO-style jeans, you may feel more like you're in costume than an everyday outfit. Embrace the baggy-denim trend in a slightly subtler way with relaxed jeans that still fit well. 

These relaxed jeans sit just below the belly button and offer a comfortable option for work or the weekend.

Levi's Ribcage Jean are beloved for their snug fit at the waist with a looser silhouette through the leg. 

Avoid: Uncomfortably Tall Heels
Love: Kitten Heels You Can Walk In 

It's no fun if a new pair of heels serves no purpose but to sit prettily on a shelf. You want to slide your feet into a style that you can actually feel comfortable walking in. Kitten heels are practical, but they also happen to be cute, too. 

This slingback silhouette is simple and sleek, which makes it perfect for styling with jeans and a tee if you want to dress up a casual look.

A buckle strap adds a touch of edge to this classic black kitten heel.

For the office, try to add a pop of color to a classic pair of trousers or a pencil skirt via a pair of bold heels.

Avoid: Neons
Love: Timeless Red

red cropped sweater and khaki skirt and boots



Red is the color of 2024, but don't write it off as a fleeting trend. A pop of cherry or fire-engine red via cozy knitwear or a bold accessory is a timeless way to add heat to your look.

A cozy knit can be paired back to jeans or something dressier.

All eyes will be on you in this bold dress.

Consider this the ultimate sweet accessory. 

Embrace the ballet trend with a bold flat. 

Avoid: Sold-Out Collabs
Love: Classic Sportif Style

Don't feel obligated to spend a fortune on sold-out sportswear collabs. Instead, mix in athletic touches with an elevated feel. 

These Wales Bonner x Adidas shorts could be worn for a workout, but you'll want to wear them out on the town instead.

Found: timeless yet of-the-moment sneakers that play nice with trousers.

This sweatshirt's minimalist design makes it feel instantly dressy.

A vest is a layering piece that adds a sporty touch. 

Avoid: Head-to-Toe See-Through
Love: Subtly Sheer

gray blazer and crochet maxi skirt



We're all for showing some skin, but if we had to gamble, totally sheer dresses don't stand the test of time. Try mixing in see-through pieces with tailored items for a more timeless look.

This sheer top is made for celebrating.

Lace panels add a touch of sheer to this party dress.

A little touch of sheer can even work in a more relaxed office setting.

This organza dress is great for layering over your outfit for added texture.

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.