I Live in Venice Beach, Where Low-Key Style Is It—These Outfits Hit

black biker shorts



I’ve always been a city girl. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, grew up in Houston, and upon moving to L.A., lived comfortably east of the 405 for years. But a California hazard they don’t warn you about is that you might meet a cute surfer who eventually lures you all the way west. After some cajoling, I gave in to my inner Pisces, packed up my gray Tabby, and moved us across town to the sun-dappled, salty-aired streets of Venice Beach.

It’s been six years since, and while I may not yet be a bona fide beach babe (I still prefer reading on the sand to roaring waves), it’s home. My hair is blonder, my mornings slower, and I love the neighborhood's walkability and proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Every time I catch another glorious pink sunset, it does feel a little like living in a fantasy.

If you've ever experienced L.A. traffic, you know how vast and sprawling the city is. Different zip codes mean different dress codes, and the attitude in Venice is very relaxed. Denim and comfy shoes reign supreme, and a knit is a must to combat the almost-always-present marine layer. Most of my bolder pieces have been relegated to the back of my closet, awaiting invites for martinis at Tower Bar, dancing at A Club Called Rhonda, and too much pasta at Little Dom's. So while my highlights may not be low-maintenance, my approach to daily dressing is.

Keep reading for three of my tried-and-true outfits for your next trip to the beach.


My daily trifecta. It may be the beach, but it ain't cocktails and bikinis everyday. Venice can get downright chilly thanks to miss marine layer often overstaying her welcome. The key is layering: a tank for when the sun comes out, trusty broken-in denim, comfy-enough-to-walk-in cowboy boots (you can take the girl out of Texas), and a great statement coat to cinch the look.


Date night, happy hour, or girls' dinner, this is my go-to outfit. I love the feel of a slinky, figure-skimming slip. (I'm partial to ultra short or ankle-grazing.) Having a sweater on hand both ensures I'm cozy and adds dimension to the look. Because I finally learned how to ride a bike recently (no, I will not be taking questions at this time), a comfy closed-toe shoe guarantees I can pedal, walk, or if the night drags on, dance comfortably.

slip skirt and sweater and prada heels outfit



This is technically a nightgown, but that's never stopped me. (Besides, the color is too good.)


Bella Hadid empathy sweatshirt


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Aka my "running errands" look. I could be on my way to a workout (but am probably just running to the Erehwon hot bar). It's sporty but polished, and if it was good enough for a princess, it's good enough for me!